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Brucker The Minispec MqOne - Time Domain (TD) NMR

Time-Domain or Low-Resolution NMR is a well known variant of NMR referred to as TD-NMR. It is widely applied in Quality Control (QC/QA) and Research & Development: TD-NMR applications span all kinds of industries from food, like solid fat content, SFC, and oil seed analysis, via chemical and polymer industry to medical and pharmaceutical industry (obesity research and MRI contrast agents).

is Bruker BioSpin's new bench-top NMR reader for precisely quantifying hyperpolarization and thermally polarization, i.e., the enhancement factor. The new HyperQuant offers a complete off-the-shelf turnkey solution.

The minispec TD-NMR product lines are developed and manufactured by Bruker BioSpin and marketed by Bruker Optics worldwide. Bruker is one of the pioneers in benchtop pulsed NMR established in the early 70s.

Hassas Terazi (Sartorious GE-412)

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